Now is the moment to locate the ideal diamond. A diamond engagement ring is often the first diamond a person will ever purchase. Our Diamond Knowledge section should be your first stop if you don’t already know your Asscher from your elbow. Discover why Clarity, Cut, and Color can transform a lump of coal into a shining beauty as you examine various forms here.

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After determining whatever diamond form you like, it’s time to locate the one ideal diamond that will make your significant other’s heart skip a beat. And this is when things become really complex. We provide over 300,000 natural and lab-grown diamonds for you to pick from, and we have one of the biggest diamond databases in the world! However, don’t give up! We have a group of exceptionally gifted “Techs” that work with us in addition to being fantastic Diamond Experts. These technical wizards have created a tool whose main objective is to reclaim your power from high street jewelers who have large overhead and profit margins. With the help of a robust algorithm, DiamondScore evaluates 12 distinct factors (most jewelers only consider the 4Cs) and assigns a clear score out of 10. However, given the size of our diamond database, how can you be sure you’re getting the greatest deal possible?

The task we set for our “Techies” is this. They made it possible for you to swiftly and easily view what we have to offer! or the largest, if that’s your goal? or the least expensive? Wouldn’t you anticipate seeing it if you came into our store in search of the ideal Valentine’s Day engagement ring?

Let’s take an example where you know you have between £2500 and £3500 to spend on an engagement ring and you would like a lovely heart-shaped diamond (well, it’s Valentine’s Day, but the same rules apply to all other diamond shapes on our website). More than 1500 diamonds in the shape of hearts may be found with a fast search on our website. But we provide four excellent options.

Not only do we display every Heart-Shaped diamond that fits your Valentine’s Day search, but we also highlight the ones that you’re probably going to desire.

Let’s investigate more closely:

The “Biggest” and “Lowest Price” diamonds are just what you might anticipate them to be, provided that you keep in mind that “Biggest” relates to real measurements rather than carat weight.

The diamond marked as “Highest Quality” is likewise self-explanatory. It’s probably not the cheapest, and it might not be the biggest. However, it is the most exquisite, brilliant, and stunning diamond that fits your quest. It will have the highest DiamondScore as a result.

We advise against stopping there, although you are free to do so. Because we wouldn’t always advise you to purchase a diamond even if it were the “Highest Quality” diamond. It might be challenging to discern the greatest deal among many options, but our goal is to provide you with the largest, most exquisite diamond at the most affordable cost.

This leads us to the “Recommended” diamond, which defies the rules.

It is possible that this diamond does not fully fit your search parameters. It could be a little larger than what you were hoping to find. Or perhaps it’s just a little bit too expensive. Pardon these small wrongdoings; it’s really worth it.

Which way do you hunt for diamonds?

Of course, you’re more than welcome to peruse and analyze each of your more than 1500 search results, or simply to have a look. Having these four suggested gems on hand will be helpful in this situation. The two search views are readily visible, and any diamond may be added to your wishlist for further consideration.


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